Capital Energy Group Project Management Professionals (CEG/PMP) Is a multi-disciplinary staffing and technical consulting division of Capital Energy Group, LLC offering long and short term augmented staffing solutions in the commercial nuclear, federal, power, and industrial construction industries.

We specialize in providing staffing solutions for industrial, Federal (DOE, DOD, USACE, NAVSEA), construction and power (nuclear, fossil, hydro) industry issues, decommissioning and cost estimating, outage and non-outage support for long term and short-term assignments. Our approach to staff augmentation integrates an understanding of our client’s needs and aligning those needs with the expertise of our in-house technical professionals.

CEG/PMP recognizes the complexities involved in staffing large industrial construction, nuclear and specialty utility projects. Our Project Staffing Method promotes consistent practices in the evaluation and placement of associates and assures alignment with project-specific goals and objectives. The employee staffing process is designed to integrate our client’s need and the project scope in the evaluation of candidates.

While having a professional staffing team is of utmost importance, CEG/PMP recognizes that all levels within the organization have a great impact on our ability to recruit and retain a qualified workforce from outside sources. As such, our management team supports our staffing efforts by recommending talent and by providing routine updates on the availability and performance of current employees.

Monitoring our internal talent resources benefits our clients by greatly reducing the time required to onboard associates and by placing an associate who has demonstrated expertise in their field.

CEG/PMP understands that each project presents its own set of unique challenges. Therefore, project specific requirements and challenges are communicated to our candidates upfront. By assuring a shared understanding of the role and expectations, the new hire’s effectiveness and performance is enhanced from day one.

  • Proven Project Staffing Method
  • Extensive Talent Management System
  • Strong Relationships with Industry-leading SME’s
  • Structured Candidate Evaluation System
  • Established Performance Evaluation Process

We have a deep respect for the work of our customers and understand the importance of our role in delivering the highest quality professionals to the job every single time. Each one of our consultants is fully screened and tested.

About CEG’s Project Management Professionals Group (PMP)

Capital Energy Group, LLC is a demolition and environmental management company that was founded in 2006 as Tradingo Energy Consulting Group and later renamed in 2019 by our Principal Managing-Member & CEO, Jordan McNamara. Over the last 13 years the company has performed some of the highest profile D&D projects within the DOE Legacy Waste Complex and the Commercial Nuclear Industry.

In 2008 we expanded our services and diversified markets to meet a myriad of needs from our clients and formed CEG’s Project Management Professionals Group (PMP), which provides professional technically qualified staff and also craft augmentation. Our in-house Construction Services Group, self-preforms domestic and international construction services.

As discussed, our CEG Project Management Professionals Group, is a technical consultation, augmented staffing and management services organization providing a broad range of professional services to private, public, and government sector clients throughout the United States, Canada, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Professional Support Services
  • Project Management Support Staff
  • Project Controls, Planning and Scheduling
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Cyber Security SME
  • I&C Planning, Engineering & Technicians
  • QA/QC Program Management
  • Asbestos/Lead Abatement Specialists
  • Engineering (All Disciplines)
  • Commissioning and Field Engineers
  • Administrative Support Specialists
  • Procurement Engineers
  • Materials Management
  • Craft Supervision
  • Technical and Procedure Writers
  • Fire Protection Consultants
  • Cost Engineering & Estimating Staff Support
  • MOV/AOV Specialists
  • Industrial Safety Professionals
  • Corrective Action Implementation
  • Site Closure Management Experts
  • D&D Project Managers, Supervisors, Engineers
  • Licensing Mangers and Engineers
  • Environmental Remediation Engineers/Techs
  • Decommissioning Managers
  • Outage Management Professionals
  • Environmental Compliance Professionals
  • Estimators
  • DOE “Q” & “L” Cleared Professionals
  • NAVSEA TWIC Cleared Professionals
  • Piping Specialist